Dynamics 365 for Operations Warehousing App – Overview

Few months ago, Microsoft released a new app for Dynamics 365 for Operations Warehousing (WMS). The new app is available on the Windows Store and google Play store. I am not aware of any definitive plans to release the app on iOS.


I was impressed by the GUI. It looks good and intuitive. I received positive feedback from prospects when I demoed the app. While the HTML-based Warehouse Mobile Devices Portal (WMDP) is still available, I believe the App is more user friendly.

It is relatively easy to install and to configure the app. This post takes you through the required setup step by step.

Here are some screenshots:

  • Login screen – it is interesting to notice that the app pulls the logo from the current Legal Entity


  • Main Menu


  • Sales Picking


  • Sales Picking with Horizontal Display – notice how the app brings the item’s image. This makes it easier for the warehouse worker to make sure they pick the correct item. Very convenient.


I am not aware of any clients who are using this app in a production environment yet. If you know of any, please let me know and share any feedback you may have received. /END

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